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Wargaming News II

GMT recently put out a tentative schedule of what will be released over the next several months, going into next year. Of especial interest to me are Blackbeard, due out in April/May and Successors III (which I preordered) due in July. Also, Onward Christian Soldiers sold out a little while ago, but they've put a few copies up for sale in ziploc bags. (Mark, might be your last chance! ^_^)

MMP reports that they're done shipping preorders of Valor of the Guards, Case Blue (darn, I was vaguely thinking of preordering), and The Devil's Cauldron is currently shipping. On top of that, they've got four products at the printers, a reprint of ASL Starter Kit 2, South Mountain, Rock of the Marne, and Warriors of God.

ADB is has several products they're working on right now. They just sent an order for counters to the printers. On the SFB end, this includes counters for X1R: More X-Ships and Y2: Early Years II (with the early ISC, as well as more of the other races), and Omega 5: Gunboats. After some outcry from the fans, a couple ships were pulled from Y2, and may end up in a 'Middle Years' module, which has been proposed by a few people on occasion, but not seriously considered until now. Since the early ISC features multiple races that only later unified (like the Federation), there's several new ship designs, and ADB has a deal with ICE to use some miniatures from their Silent Death game. In addition, ICE is going to do a Silent Death supplement for the Star Fleet Universe. And Federation Commander: Distant Kingdoms, the next boxed set, (Lyrans and Hyrdans) is due out in the next month, they just shipped Briefing #1 (what can we do that won't require counters), and Orion Pirates is due out later this year.
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