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Way, way, way too distracted by my many hobbies.

I've found that I tend to concentrate on just a couple at a time, and I'll slowly cycle through various interests. Some can lie fallow for years, and then I'll come back to it, and dive into it quite heavily for some time, before hearing the siren call of something else I'm interested in.

My immediate previous 'focus' was computer games. I have a decent collection of slowly aging ones I like, and through the miracle of the internet found out about a few hidden gems I missed at the time. (Namely Master of Magic, Settlers II, and the Age of Wonders series.)

The interest that has been dormant for a decade or more, and has been preying more and more on my mind lately is wargaming. The old-fashioned kind, with board and cardboard counters.

I'm an actual 'child of the hobby', with my dad having been involved in the wargaming industry until I was 12. Sadly, this was about the time that I was really getting old enough to take an intelligent interest. So, much of my knowledge is from around the very late '70s, mostly concentrating on Avalon Hill. I've got a couple people I regularly play with, and need to see about recruiting more.

Beyond that, I play a fair amount of WoW, and I read. A lot.